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Renewable Energy Services & Solutions

OAK is committed to supporting the global transition to a more sustainable net-zero world in which we operate, by reducing green house gasses (GHG) and mitigating the impacts of climate change. OAK is an established Developer of value-add Renewable Energy services & solutions. OAK have established a global network of alliance partners and technology specialists to ensure that our services and solutions remain reliable, competitive and cost-efficient. OAK works closely with Clients & End-users throughout the feasibility, engineering, and implementation phases to ensure that requirements are understood, and the correct services & solutions are provided.


OAK seeks engagement with worthy off-takers via long-term structured Public Private Partnership(s) (PPP), consolidating a typical project finance mechanism augmented alongside our international state-backed EPC alliance partner(s) and delivered under a Build, Own and Operate (BOO) model. Financing via intelligent capital sourcing and investment that is aligned to the lifecycle of the Renewable Energy generating assets underpinning our philosophy of delivering high quality solutions that are important to the regional economies in which we operate.

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