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Project Services 

Our Core Values


Project Development

As an established project developer with extensive international business experience, OAK is equipped to manage all aspects of project development from initial site surveys, feasibility studies, financial modelling, contracting, permits and licensing, installation, construction management, and on-going maintenance and operations management.

OAK is able to effectively manage all parties within the development structuring and transactional delivery process and boasts a track-record of successful delivery of prestigious solution-based projects for governments, NOC’s, IOC’s as well as the private sector entities and continues to provide in-demand services via single-source service orders and fixed-term contracts for oil & gas and petrochemical majors throughout MENA territories.

OAK is an end-to-end developer as well as a transaction and capital sourcing specialist, working with established EPC partners to deliver projects efficiently and cost effectively adding value to all key stakeholders

Our Core Values

Project Engineering

OAK’s project engineering design process, from inception through to commissioning, is a method by which OAK’s teams of engineers and scientists work together to develop solutions for client requirements, highly skilled in feasibility studies, conceptual, detailed and Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED) project phases. The engineering process is focused on targeted requirements ensuring all or any constraints are addressed with rigorous multi-scenario activities in, testing and modification which all of OAK’s models and prototypes undergo, ensuring final designs are fit-for- purpose.

OAK works with its clients to build comprehensive bill of quantities as well as order of magnitude data to be used for project-planning and feasibility assessments leading to Front-End Engineering & Detailed Design works. OAK is committed to delivering solutions for its clients which improve productivity and operational efficiency as well as increase bottom line return.

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Our Core Values

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Project Management

OAK provides direct project management resource teams, who are highly motivated, skilled and certified industry professionals. With many years of highly accredited and diverse construction experience, OAK is able to provide its clients with total peace of mind by expertly project managing deliverables in a timely and cost-effective manner, meeting all key project objectives, whether the project is small, medium or large scale.

As a strategic partner in the role of project owner representative or client representative, objectives are met via OAK’s integrated project management service offering within a structured risk/reward framework, managing all aspects throughout project delivery.

OAK’s project management expertise is able to address feasibility, engineering and technical due diligence, commercial and financial modelling requirements.

Our Core Values

Project Financing

OAK augments capital sourcing and project financing as a core capability with a work ethic that is both entrepreneurial in spirit and institutional in practice.  With a policy of investment that we seek to make both responsible and profitable, OAK takes pride in its relationships with investors who share an appetite for bankable asset backed energy investments. Alongside its state backed alliance partner, OAK is able to leverage its expertise in debt and equity management by securing participation from international lenders and credit insurers.  Performing as a bridge between the Gulf and the rest of the world with a strong service ethos, OAK seeks to maximize investment opportunities and financial returns available from its projects, managing and mitigating all typical risks from construction, commission through to successful operations, whilst safeguarding investment returns by engaging a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) model via Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) with worthy off-takers.


Our Core Values


Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Management

OAK enhances its EPC capability alongside its Strategic Alliance Partners in order to deliver Full Turnkey Services which are tailored to the requirements of the Project Scope-of-Works and aligned to the specific territories where the Project is delivered. Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Contracts are a form of Contract used to undertake construction works within the Private Sector on large-scale and complex Infrastructure Projects. OAK’s experiences range from Major Pipeline Infrastructure Projects in Saudi Arabia, to conventional IPP’s and IWPP’s in the MENA region, as well as Renewable Energy Projects, namely Waste-to-Energy (Egypt) and Waste-to-Renewable Natural Gas (United Kingdom).

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