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Oil & Gas Infrastructure Services & Solutions

OAK is an established Owner, Developer, and Licensed Supplier of value-add Oil & Gas (O&G) Infrastructure services & solutions with a primary focus on providing the market with Pipeline Maintenance, Protection and Rehabilitation services & solutions, in addition to developing & deploying Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), and Environmental Containment & Remediation solutions to assist the challenges faced by Clients & End-users.

In addition to owning and developing technological solutions, OAK have established a global network of alliance partners and technology specialists to ensure that our services & solutions remain reliable, competitive and cost-efficient. OAK works closely with Clients & End-users throughout the assessment, feasibility, engineering, and implementation phases to ensure that requirements are understood, and the correct services & solutions are provided.

OAK has a proven and extensive track record of delivering O&G Infrastructure services & solutions to major NOC’s, IOC’s and industry operators across the MENA and global regions.

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