Bahrain based solutions provider, OAK Utility Solutions and Development WLL (OAK), led a Waste-to-Energy forum which took place in Kiev, Ukraine last week.  Executives, Engineers and Politicians from all around the CIS and Europe got together in Kiev for the 2016 Waste Management Exhibition to discuss environmental subjects including climate change and the positive role that the growing Waste-to-Energy industry could have as a sustainable global energy solution.


OAK’s Chief Executive Officer, Gareth Robert Brown was the key-note speaker at the conference and delivered a lecture on the environmental merits of converting concentrated Municipal Solid Waste in to Energy as well as other more homogeneous waste types such as bio-solids from sewage treatment plants as well as other  industrial grade waste.

OAK also announced its Public Private Partnership (PPP) assignment with the Ukraine Government to implement and construct an Energy-from-Waste Utility based on an Advanced Modular Technology that will convert 140,000 Tons per year of Municipal Solid & additional  homogeneous Waste into much needed electricity.  The assignment Capex valued at $70m is backed by a long term Government Concession Agreement and will leverage funding from World Bank sources.  The project will deploy Modular Design Technology that benefits investors with immediate returns after an initial 9 months construction and commissioning period.  The detailed engineering phase of works will be generated in Bahrain and OAK will also lead the Project Consortium, project managing the delivery and construction, as well as providing Operations and Management support throughout the 25 year Concessionary term.

Headquartered in Bahrain with offices in KSA, Ukraine and Turkey, OAK is an international developer of clean-tech sustainable energy & water utilities and provider of specialist technology service solutions to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries.  OAK’s integrated business model is built around four core business lines: Infrastructure Service Solutions; Renewable Energy Utilities; Project Management & Feasibility Services and Operations & Management Services. OAK leverages its resources and expertise across each of these business lines to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of innovative and emerging service and product based solutions tailored to meet their specific requirements delivered by expert Engineers and Project Management resources based in Bahrain. OAK’s professional staffs are highly experienced Chartered Engineers and Certified Project Managers.

OAK’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Gareth Robert Brown commented following his visit to Kiev; “we are placing the Kingdom of Bahrain firmly on the map as a centre of excellence for Waste-to-Energy solutions, such initiatives connect OAK as a Bahrain based expert service provider as well as private sector financial resources to yet another prestigious assignment, this time underwritten by the Government of Ukraine.  We are able to present investors with low-risk, high-yield investment opportunities, leveraging proven technologies which generate healthy returns.  This underpins OAK’s model of constructing multiple boutique clean-tech utility plants which are in high global demand, and places OAK in Bahrain as a net exporter of Waste Processing and Energy solutions across Europe and MENA, resulting in the production of electricity and/or commodities such as Syngas Steam or Power as major by-products of our engineered solutions.  Our continued success supports the Bahrain 2030 vision for continued private sector growth, recognition and stability”.