Quality Policy

OAK Group Holdings (OAK) is committed to achieving quality and has adopted the philosophy that quality is not an event, but a journey without a finish line.

Our aim is to become a leader in our field by providing clients with a high standard of work conforming to contract specifications, with a clear focus on achieving client and employee satisfaction.

OAK is established to provide high quality products and services within the scope of Delivering value-add Oil & Gas Infrastructure, and sustainable

Renewable Energy services and solutions, aiming to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders.

In particular we, the management of OAK Group Holdings, is committed to;

  • Providing our clients with high quality products & services that meets their agreed needs and exceeds expectations.

  • Complying with the laws and regulations that apply to different aspects of our operations and compliance obligations.

  • Maintaining our reputation in the field of Oil & Gas Infrastructure and Renewable Energy services.