Project Engineering Services

Project Engineering is an integral, objective based and clear focussed aspect of OAK’s solution offerings, delivering custom infrastructure solutions in the areas of renewable energy, power & water utilities, enhanced oil recovery, pipeline maintenance, pipeline rehabilitation as well as general construction projects, deploying innovative integrated utilities generating renewable energy from solar, wind and Waste-to-Energy (WTE) assets.

OAK’s project engineering design process, from inception through to commissioning, is a method by which OAK’s teams of engineers and scientists work together to develop solutions for client requirements, highly skilled in feasibility studies, conceptual, detailed and Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED) project phases. The engineering process is focused on targeted requirements ensuring all or any constraints are addressed with rigorous multi-scenario activities in, testing and modification which all of OAK’s models and prototypes undergo, ensuring final designs are fit-for- purpose.


OAK works with its clients to build comprehensive bill of quantities as well as order of magnitude data to be used for project-planning and feasibility assessments leading to Front-End Engineering & Detailed Design works. OAK is committed to delivering solutions for its clients which improve productivity and operational efficiency as well as increase bottom line return.