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OAK-COAT™ Pipeline Protection Technology

OAK-COAT™ Pipeline Protection Technology is a three-part wet lay-up protective composite coating system, designed as a unique reinforced turnkey solution to protect critical and high-value infrastructure from the rigours of abrasive processes and corrosive environments. OAK-COAT™ provides lifetime protection against carbon-based sulphides and hazardous down-hole chemical gasses, such as NH3, H2S and H2CO3 and prevents corrosion, erosion and abrasion on new and existing buried pipe sections including road crossings, production tubing, drill casings, sleeves and transmissions. For Girth-Weld Protection OAK-COAT™ can be further reinforced by using carbon fibre as an alternative to fibreglass to enhance protection characteristics.

  • External Corrosion Protection

  • Abrasion Resistance Overlay

  • Down-Hole Protection

  • Girth-Weld Protection