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Enviro-Clean™ Containment and Remediation Technology

Producers and end-users of hydrocarbon products constantly struggle in being effective environmental stewards of our society, considering the common problems associated with their production and use; accidental releases/spills, and environmental threats to the soil, groundwater, aquatic life, and humans. While many options for hydrocarbon containment/remediation techniques exist (including oil booms, chemical dispersants, mechanical recovery, applied sorption materials, and bioremediation), each has select limitations.

Enviro-Clean™ uses a combined approach, utilizing a uniquely designed reactive silica-based formulation to initiate a high-energy redox reaction, allowing it to react to and trap the hydrocarbon within the silica cell - This "micro-encapsulation" renders the hydrocarbon both insoluble and immobile. Enviro-Clean™ has been demonstrated to be safe for applications in both land-based and aquatic/marine environments. Measured Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) concentrations are effectively reduced to at or under international guidelines, when Enviro-Clean is applied correctly.

OAK are able to conduct detailed analysis on hydrocarbon contaminated samples to determine the potential effects of Enviro-Clean™ and the positive environmental impacts.