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Global demand for energy is forecast to increase by 1.4% per year till 2040 with oil & natural gas contributing to approximately half the demand. The employment of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology is expected to significantly increase to maximise economic recovery from existing oil & gas fields.

BPZ Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology offers an alternative solution to any conventional gas-lift or mechanical lifting systems. The system works in cycles of compression and decompression producing a greater pressure differential and allowing better utilisation of reservoirs. BPZ allows for an increase in the recovery factor of the reservoir by reducing the bottom-hole flowing pressure (PWF) and consequently increasing the flowrate. The technology is applicable to existing and new wells with easy installation on any well head configuration and has been deployed extensively worldwide by major NOCs and IOCs, resulting in significant gains in terms of oil recovery and efficiency.

OAK are able to conduct detailed analysis on well-data provided by clients and simulate performance models to determine the feasibility of BPZ Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology (EOR) installation based on the production levels, well life-cycle, configuration, and reservoir characteristics.