Business Lines

Infrastructure Services Solutions

Infrastructure-picOAKT provides specialist infrastructure service solutions to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries and is employed throughout its regional territories by most of the local and international majors. OAK provides Pipeline Solutions and can perform comprehensive rehabilitation works whilst the Pipeline is operating using both Armor Plate® and XHab™ technologies.  Armor Plate® is a proven (40 years) Composite System and the most tested Composite Repair Product in the market today, OAK is licensed distributor across Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe.  XHab™ is a Fully Automated Pipeline Repair Technology designed for on and off-shore pipeline applications; this automated technology will reinstate corroded pipelines back to original condition without disruption to operations. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of pipelines can occur whilst the pipeline is operating and without depressurization at a rate up to 1.0km per dayOAK is the licensed franchisee for Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe.  OAK is committed to providing solutions to its clients in order to improve productivity and operational efficiency thus increasing bottom line returns.  OAK has provided solutions to its client proponents responsible for Enhanced Oil Recovery, Oil Field Engineering & Construction as well as Maintenance, Drilling and Work Over and continues to deliver Chemical Injection Systems and Pipe Coating Services via long term Service Order Contracts.

Renewable Energy Utilities

Renewable-energy-picOAK works closely with Gulf based private equity funds and investment banks with an appetite for private placements into robust clean-tech utility ventures; OAK invest into Build-Own-Operate schemes modelled around Public Private Partnerships with Government off-takers delivered via long term Concession Agreements. OAK has delivered various Project Finance utility assignments delivering high demand clean-tech commodities such as District Cooling, Sea Water Reverse Osmosis, Sewage Treatment and Waste-to-Energy applications worth in excess of $10 billion in contract term revenues.  The expertise that exists within OAK enables activities and services such as debt and equity management to be provided to all project development initiatives. Key long-term relationships are built and maintained with leading financial institutions, international and regional banks, strategic investors, private equity funds and other interested debt and equity providers and OAK is able to manage the financial requirements of each development project. OAK seeks to maximize the investment opportunities and financial returns available in its development projects.

Commodity Trading & Brokering

tradingOAK is strategically aligned to its production and trading partners and mandated to trade key commodities including Crude Oil, LNG, Gas Oil, Jet Physical, Industrial Bulk Chemicals and various Petrochemicals as well as valuable solids including but not limited to Iron Ore, Coal, Carbon Black and a variety of Scrap Metals that also emerge from OAK’s Waste-to-Energy applications.  OAK’s key strength lies in its intellectual property and highly experienced human resources that retains extensive knowledge of the industry and inherent ability construct and close commodity transactions that provide in-demand solutions globally.We pride ourselves on our commitment to embracing the nuances, dynamics and unique sensitivities of local markets. OAK value partnerships, our principal objective is to form dynamic and long term partnerships based on fair and mutually agreed milestone targets wherever in the world we are doing business.

Project Management & Consultancy Services

project-managementOAK’s direct Project Management teams are highly motivated and skilled industry certified professionals with diverse experience and credentials. With many years construction experience, OAK can provide its clients with total peace of mind by expertly managing timelines as well as allocated budgets. OAK will manage deliverables and associated KPI’s on behalf of its clients and will integrate its service offerings with in a structured risk and reward model with a principal objective of surpassing its client’s expectations. OAK will expertly manage small, medium and large projects directly on behalf of the project owners and / or as client’s representative managing all engineering and commercial deliverables.  OAK provides Consultancy Services to its clients from the Project Inception and Feasibility StagesOAK’s in-house expertise allows for comprehensive project feasibility examination that includes commercial and financial modelling as well as engineering and technological due diligence.  OAK works with its clients and / or co-developers to build comprehensive Bill of Quantities as well as Order of Magnitude data to be used for project planning and feasibility assessments thus leading to Front End Engineering & Design works.