OAK Utility Solutions & Development WLL has been crowned “2016 Best Oil & Gas Utilities Company” by MEA Markets.  The 2016 MEA Oil & Gas Awards have been launched to identify and reward the individuals and businesses, whose exemplary work and dedication play a major role in shaping this vital Energy sector.

Formed in 2009, Bahrain based solutions provider, OAK Utility Solutions and Development W.L.L. (OAK), has been honoured for the second year in a row after previously winning the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award for Pipeline Rehabilitation Technology for its XHab™ product solution.

Headquartered in Bahrain with offices in KSA, Europe and CIS, OAK is an international developer of clean-tech sustainable energy & water utilities and provider of specialist service solutions to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries.  OAK’s integrated business model is built around four core business lines: Infrastructure Service Solutions; Renewable Energy Utilities; Project Management & Feasibility Services and Operations & Management Services. OAK leverages its resources and expertise across each of these business lines to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of innovative and emerging service and product based solutions tailored to meet their specific requirements delivered by expert Project Management resources based in Bahrain. OAK’s professional staffs are highly experienced Chartered Engineers and Certified Project Managers.

OAK’s Chief Executive, Mr. Gareth Brown commented following the award ceremony in Dubai; “Once again this underpins OAK’s model of providing sustainable infrastructure solutions that are in high global demand, and places OAK in Bahrain as a net exporter of Infrastructure and Energy Solutions across the region.  Our continued success supports the Bahrain 2030 vision for continued private sector growth, recognition and stability.  As a solutions provider and a think-tank, OAK sees the challenging market conditions as an invitation to be creative, providing governments with clean-tech sustainable utilities such as converting Waste-to-Energy means OAK can produce efficient and cost effective electricity for direct government off-take, requiring zero capital expenditure from the respective government, we also look forward to providing Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) solutions and taking further strides to boost further private sector growth here in Bahrain with innovative technologies”.


Pictured Above: OAK Chief Executive Mr. Gareth Brown addressing the MEA 2016 audience in Dubai.