H.E. Dr. Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Energy, Patronises BBBF’s Oil, Gas and Energy Special Interest Group Meeting

H.E. Dr. Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Energy, Patronises BBBF’s Oil, Gas and Energy Special Interest Group Meeting

Bahrain British Business Forum’s Special Interest Group dedicated to Oil, Gas and Energy sector professionals met for a presentation on an innovative artificial technology for the industry.

Manama, Bahrain – April 7, 2016: His Excellency Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Energy, patronised the meeting of BBBF’s special interest group (SIG) for oil, gas and energy professionals last night. BBBF Chairman Mr. Khalid Al Zayani OBE welcomed H.E. Dr. Mirza and H.E. Mr. Simon Martin CMG, the British Ambassador to Bahrain, to the meeting.

The BBBF’s Special Interest Group (SIG) for Oil, Gas and Energy professionals was established last year to facilitate networking and exchange of information amongst industry colleagues and is sponsored by local Bahrain company OAK Utility Solutions and Development (OAK).  The Oil and Gas industry’s importance to trade links and economic synergies, locally within Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and throughout the GCC, led to the formation of the group.

The presentation was held in conjunction with the Bahrain British Business Forum (BBBF) and the British Business Association (BBA) from the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. 70 BBBF and BBA members and their guests, including several industry leaders, attended the event. The presentation was facilitated by the SIG Head, Mr. Simon Bromyard of OAK, and featured keynote speakers, Mr. Abdur-Rasheed Omidiya, Mr. Duane Ragbir, from OAK’s JV Partner, EARTH Environment Services (EARTH), and Mr. Antonio Amaral.

The presentation focussed on the challenges faced by Operators managing mature brown-fields, introducing a new and patented technology for artificial lift called ‘’BPZ’’ Pneumatic Pumping System, invented by Mr. Zadson Franco under patent and development with PETROBRAS–CENPES.  The BPZ technology is designed for artificial lifting within oil wells and works in cycles of compression and decompression of gas, using the compressed gas available in the field.

Usage of BPZ technology commenced with key installations on over 230 wells in South America and due to the continuous success of the technology on multiple worldwide installations, 2015 brought a contract opportunity, under negotiation, to install the BPZ technology on a further 3,000 wells, thus moving from mechanical pumps to BPZ to achieve savings on well maintenance, as well as increase production.  The technology is adaptable and easy to install and is ideal for GCC oil field conditions and has achieved great results, increasing production efficiency by up to 500%.

The rights to commercialise this technology worldwide is represented under alliance in the Middle East by Earth and its JV Partner, OAK.

About the speakers

Abdur-Rasheed Omidiya holds a Mechanical Engineering degree majoring in Fluid Mechanics.

Abdur is a subject matter expert in Production Optimisation in unconventional oilfields, especially heavy oil and sour oilfields, with over 20 years’ experience, 12 of which is throughout the GCC.  Abdur’s oilfield career commenced in Nigeria as a Testing and Production engineer with Schlumberger as well as holding the former position of Middle East Regional Manager for Schlumberger Well Intervention.  Abdur also successfully orchestrated and developed a solution for Saudi Aramco’s heavy oil exploration and development in the Jurayd, Hasbah, Arabia and Manifa fields in the Arabian Gulf and is also experienced in challenging operational environments with West African Deep Water, Middle East HPHT fields, Heavy Oil and Extreme Sour fields.  Abdur has played a key role in the distributed business development of the ‘’BPZ’’ Pneumatic Pumping System.

Duane Ragbir is a Harvard graduate with a chemical engineering discipline.  His career spanning over 20 years has led to a high degree of expertise in safe and intelligent systems, working with key clients in the Caribbean and more recently in the Middle East in his role as Chief Operating Officer for EARTH Environmental Services Company (EARTH).  Duane is an expert in chemical design systems, blending plant operations, air and gas flow systems, their set-up, operation and maintenance.

Antonio Patti Do Amaral is a graduate engineer with over 25 years’ experience.  His core experience and competence rests in operating as a Business Entrepreneur, working in and around innovative technologies, specialising in serving the oil and gas industry globally in Brazil and the Middle East.  As a technology solutions architect, Antonio has operated under license with major companies such as Petrobas-Brazil, providing services to the oil and gas industry with particular focus on Enhanced Oil Recovery with operators along the Brazilian coast and within the Middle East.  Antonio has worked alongside Mr. Zadson Franco, the inventor of the BPZ – Pneumatic Pumping system and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to bring the industry in positioning this innovative artificial lift technology as part of operator strategies for Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Photo Shoot_SIG

From left to right: Mr. Duane Ragbir-Earth, Mr. Rick Hopper-BBBF, Mr. Arnim Ramsey-Earth, OAK CEO Mr. Gareth Brown, BBBF Chairman Mr. Khalid Al Zayani OBE, H.E. Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Energy, H.E. Mr. Simon Martin CMG, British Ambassador, Mr. Simon Bromyard, OAK SIG Head, Mr. Derrick Rodney-OAK COO and Mr. Abdur-Rasheed Omidiya, EARTH Keynote Presenter.

About BBBF:

The BBBF was set up in 1995 and has grown from the original 16 members to over 450 members today. It aims to promote trade and investment between Bahrain and Britain in a non-discriminatory, non-political and non-profit making manner. The BBBF is widely recognized in Bahrain and the UK as a leading impartial business sector group. The Forum works to create and sustain a favourable business environment. The BBBF strives to assist and introduce new trade and investment to both countries to benefit and enhance the common economic interests of our member companies.